great balls of light


these things are incredible and mysterious in equal amounts, created by australian photographer denis smith, taking light graffiti and giving it a little twist, he has created a set of beautiful images which in his own words represent “a mysterious portal into my world. It, and its friends will appear in interesting and mysterious places every now and then” and indeed they have been doing. 
the amazing thing is that these images use no photoshop trickery, except for a little tweeking of the sat/bright/levels, he doesnt add or take anything out of the images.
unfortunately as mysterious as these balls of light are, so is the project, i couldnt find any more information on how or why, but part of me likes that, and long may i hope it continues.  there are literally hundreds of balls of light images over at denis’s various sites, so go check them out, its definately time well spent. have a great bank holiday monday
here is the balls of light site
here is denis smiths photography site
here is his flickr

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ghost in the machine

stumbling around the internet whilst looking for nothing inparticular i came across this image.
i was amazed by this piece, created out of nothing but a vhs tape of the big lebowski, the artist has created the iconic character of the dude. after digging a little deeper i found that it was created by an artist called erika iris simmons, who specialises in using non traditional media. her set on flickr ‘ghost in the machine’ where she creates portraits of musicians and celebrities using old cassette tapes, vhs tapes and movie reels, and the inspiration for this post, is incredible, she states “the idea comes from a philosopher’s (ryle) description of how your spirit lives in your body. i imagine we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging”, with that in mind, heres some more of her work.
each piece has its own personality and is brought to life in such an amazing way, such an aptly named flickr set. so next time your having a clearout and throwing away hundreds of old cassettes or vhs spare a though for the ghost in the machine.
there are a b unch more plus some othe non tradition pieces over at the flickr page, or her personal website
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star wars disney

the star wars weekends at disney have become an annual event occuring between may and june and while this might seem like the most money hungry way to rinse a franchise even more, i cant stop the inner child in myself wanting to be part of them, especially this year, the 30th anniversary of empire strikes back when, to mark this event, one of the special guests at the weekend with be lando clarissian!  and to accompany this annual event, they uaually produce some cool as hell advertising.
now its unclear as to where these images crop up, the 2006-2007 posters along with the 2010 posters claim to be public advertising, mainly found in airports, wheras the 2009 posters are supposedly backstage posters to remind staff of the up coming events. either way they are all awesome, all depicting star wars characters or vehicles in situations you might find yourself in during your journey to or time spent at the theme park.
so here they are, i think i got them all, but if you find any that i havent please let me know, i couldnt find any for 2008.
hope you enjoy these as much as did, disney have an offical page for the weekends here and sorry for the late post, ill try not to let it happen again.

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keep it clean

a new form of urban graffiti has sprung up around the globe causing confusion and mixed opinions all over the place, this new form goes by the name of clean graffiti or reverse graffiti. the idea is rather than adding paint or markers to a surface, all you need is a dirty wall, some cleaning utensils and a creative mind.  slightly more than just writing “clean me” on a car window but using the same idea, people have managed to create beautiful pieces of temporary art to rival even the greatest pieces of spray graffiti.
some people feel that it is just the same as spraypainting a wall and thus should be policed in the same way, others feel that if the local governments, owners or whoever can’t find the money, time or reason to clean the surfaces, then it’s fair game to go and clean sections of it however you see fit.
using whatever canvas they can find be it a dirty tunnel stained by years of pollution or a car windscreen these artist display an amazing amount of talent, creative flair and dedication. some for a reason, as in the case of alexandre orion who wanted to get a message to the poeple who wouldnt usually listen about the effect our cars were havng on the planet, funnily enough alex was arrested and then released as they couldnt charge him with anything and the section of the tunnel was cleaned, so alex went to work again until the authorities cleaned every tunnel in the city, kinda missing the point.
some are just finding a new outlet for their creative flair, as scott wade does, who chose dirty car windscreens as his canvas for his incredible portraits, recreating amongst other things iconic images of famous poeple
one of the biggest names in the reverse graffiti world is uk born paul curtis better known as “moose” who has been cleaning the streets of england for a good few years. he recently was part of the “reverse graffiti project” and created a beautiful mural on san francisco’s broadway tunnel to help promte a plant based cleaner.
no matter what you think of the artists and their work you cant deny that its getting noticed, some companies have even started offering clean graffiti as a method of advertisment. 
just a little food for thought, next time you see a polution stained wall or dirty car windscreen why not give it a go, the worst that can happen is that you make the world a little bit cleaner.
have a great bank holiday monday