General Admin Rules

  • The admins have the final say on decisions regarding enforcement of rules to ensure fair play.
  • Admin abuse is not allowed and will be dealt with harsh decisions such as removal from the tournament. This includes external communication on behalf of the organization.
  • No profanity/insults directed at players before or during the match through in-game /yell chat.
  • No in-game behaviour that could be considered toxic or intentionally disruptive during the match (e.g. T-Bagging, trolling, yell chat insults, etc.). Judgement of whether an action was intentionally disruptive will be brought up through a report system and decided by the admins.
  • Teams that have a player ban may replace the player, but it must be approved by the admins first.
  • It's the team captain's responsibility to maintain player conduct. Therefore, if 3 players are banned from the same team, the team is permanently banned from all further events.
  • Technical difficulties are the responsibility of the player(s) and not the organisers. In case of a technical difficulty the match continues unless both teams agree to alternate arrangements. Neither team is obligated to agree to this. Terms for the alternative arrangements can only be agreed on by both team captains, in which case they are to contact the admins to restart or reschedule the match.
  • Any off-game disputes are not responsibility of the admin team, such as issues with prize money redistribution or in-team personal issues.
  • If any team if found to be match fixing, they will be banned from the tournament and future tournaments.
  • Teams found to be interrupting other matches or practices intentionally will be banned from the tournament.
  • Cheating in any form is strictly forbidden. Players that are found to cheat in the tournament will be permanently banned. The rest of the team will then be scrutinized during the rest of the tournament and future events. If a player is accused of cheating with reasonable evidence they will need to provide a stream or VOD of the next possible match. If this is not possible then a team member will have to do this or they will have to be swapped out until the evidence can be cleared.

Team and Player Rules

  • Teams are allowed 6-12 players in their roster.
  • At a minimum 6 player slots must be filled before the tournament starts. However, it is recommended to have 9 players at the very least in the case one player can not make a match to avoid disqualification.
  • Any changes to team rosters must be verified by the admins and must be submitted at least 48 horus before your next match unless justified. This includes ringers or player swaps from different teams. In the case of player swaps between two teams that are currently participating, it must be agreed upon by both teams.
  • Players can only play on one team at a time. If a player is found to have played for multiple teams they will be disqualified and removed from any teams they participated with. Every team but the team they were originally signed up with will get a banned player strike.
  • Each player will be assigned a unique account for the duration of the tournament. Any form of account sharing or account modification will result in a permanent ban and escalation to RPG as per their terms of service regarding accounts Section 1.2.
  • Teams will list their preferred factions in order, if there conflicting factions during a match then the team will have to play their 2nd preferred, otherwise a coin toss will be run to select factions; the primary faction will be excluded from the choice in this case.
  • Players that are currently banned, or have been permanently banned from Planetside 2 due to cheating or other reasons decided by RPG are forbidden to take part in the tournament.

Game Rules

Please refer to the Weapon Information page for details on the tiered weapon scoring system.

  • Only 6 players are allowed on the field.
  • General game rules are listed below:
    1. Smoke is banned
    2. Motion spotters and motion darts are banned
    3. Any weapons that can not be unlocked directly through certs are banned
    4. Consumables that use any resource other than nanites are banned
    5. Seasonal event items or rewards are banned
    6. Directive reward items are banned
    7. Vehicles or vehicle weapons of any kind are banned
    8. Construction components or items (e.g. routers) are banned
    9. Base terminals or turrets are off limits and their use is banned
    10. Spawn camping outside of the designated play area is banned
    11. Climbing cortium walls (if applicable) is banned
    12. Sunderer spawn points are to be cloaked and use GSD
    13. Use of any boosts (e.g. nanite boosters) is banned
    14. Cosmetics that can not be purchased with certs are banned
  • Implants are all allowed, with the following exceptions:
    1. Catlike
    2. Revenant
    3. Sidewinder
    4. Exceptional implants (e.g. carapace, bionics)
  • The winning team is decided by a scoring system:
    1. Base captures will give 35 points
    2. Subsequent base re-captures will give 70 points
    3. Weapons are scored on a tier system from T0-T5, more information contained here
    4. MAX kills with give 4 bonus points
    5. Team kills will have a -4 point penalty
    6. Suicide deaths will have a -3 point penalty
    7. Revives will give 1 point
  • Matches will be played with the sunderer as the only allowed spawn point. Base spawns are not allowed even if you own the base.
  • Match timing:
    1. 1st Half of the match is 10 minutes
    2. 10 additional minutes maximum are given to swap sides and for a break
    3. 2nd Half of the match is 10 minutes
    4. Capture timer starts at 2 minutes and takes 4 minutes for a capture.
    5. Total game time is 30 minutes
    6. Break time between continuous games is 15 minutes maximum
    7. Extensions to setup time or mid-match breaks can be made with reasonable justification as decided by admins.
    8. Failing to be ready in time for a match without having provided prior justification will forfeit your match, no exceptions.

Game Penalties

  • Teams will get penalties post-game via point deduction. The amount of points and nature of the deduction will be decided by the admins. Teams are able to appeal these deductions if they have supporting evidence.
  • Admins have the ability to deduct the following number of points: 5, 10, 25, 35, 50, 70, 75, 100
  • Admins have the ability to do the following:
    1. Remove kills or base captures that count towards the end score if they were accomplished via foul play.
    2. Reprimands to teams acting as a warning to cease what they are doing.
  • Appeals and information of the nature of why points were deducted or a team was reprimanded will be available within 48 hours of the occurrence.

Map Pool

Please refer to the Map Information page for play areas and restricted zones that are defined for each map

  • The map pool consists of the following maps:
    1. Peris Eastern Grove (Group & Bracket)
    2. Pale Canyon Chemical (Group & Bracket)
    3. Ghanan Southern Crossing (Group & Bracket)
    4. Kessel's Crossing (Group & Bracket)
    5. XenoTech Labs (Group & Bracket)
    6. Acan Southern Labs (Group & Bracket)
    7. Chac Fusion Labs (Group & Bracket)
    8. Wokuk Shipping Dock (Group & Bracket)
    9. Wokuk Ecological Preserve (Group & Bracket)
    10. Nettlemire Gardens (Group Only)
    11. Ceres Hydroponics (Group Only)
    12. Fallbridge Chemical (Group Only)
    13. Bitol Eastern Depot (Group Only)
    14. Benson Construction (Group Only)
    15. Heyoka Chemical Lab (Group Only)
    16. LithCorp Fortress (Group Only)
    17. Nott Communications (Group Only)
    18. NS Material Storage (Group Only)
    19. Haven Outpost (Group Only)
    20. Eisa Mountain Pass (Group Only)
    21. Ymir Mine Watch (Group Only)
    22. Freyr Northern Barracks (Group Only)
    23. Roothouse Distillery (Group Only)
    24. SRP Hydroponics, Inc (Group Only)