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bench press advertising

check this out for thinking outside the box, an ad agency in aukland called ddb have literally been stamping advertisements onto members of the public, altering benches to make them press an advertisement for a clothing chain, superette, into the bare legs of people who sit on them, it reads “short shorts on sale superette”, brilliant

retro social networks

these posters have been created by a brazilian agency called moma, beautifully reimagining how adverts for some of the most popular sites of today might have looked in times good by, apparently the series is called ‘everything ages fast’, take a look
they have brilliantly captured the elements of the posters of yester year. if you know of any more please let me know
here is momas site
if anyone could translate it and tell me more about the project please give me a shout

alt 1977

this is brilliant, alex varanese has taken modern day technology and reimagined it as if it where made and advertised in 1977, to stunning effect he has recreated adverts for an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld game system and entitled the project alt 1977.
with an amazing use of colour, graphics and font choice he has recaptured the essence of 70s advertising, or at least to me he has as i wasnt around then, maybe someone slightly older could offer an opinion.
every aspect from the faux wood panelling down to the use of colour is perfectly balanced with enough elements of its modern day couterpart for you to draw the connection instantly. the feel of these is brilliant, and makes you wonder what people will think of our cutting edge technology and advertising 30 or 40 years from now, when iphones and laptops are things long forgotten, where do we go from here!
as always click the images to make them bigger.
and heres a link to alexs website, you should take a look this guy has some mad skills

shopped bilboards

this is pure brilliance, a group of german (i think) street artists, by the names of epoxy, mr talion, baveux & kone, have taken it upon themselves to give a bilboard on the subway a little extra.
at first glance, from a distance there doesnt seem to be that much different with this bilboard than thousands of others round the world, but take a closer look.
these artists have added a photoshop interface to the images, perhaps as a social commentary showcasing the effects that are put onto the glossy celebrity images to make people “beautiful”, in an age where so much seems to focus on looks and style, this is a much needed breath of fresh air. i just wish the original image would have been on the history / layers panel so we could see the difference.
along the same lines and done by the same group, are these bilboards, where the interface from the original doom game has been added, as a tribute to id softwares classic game.
as alway click on the images to embiggen
the photoshop flickr set can be found here
the doom flickr set can be found here
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star wars disney

the star wars weekends at disney have become an annual event occuring between may and june and while this might seem like the most money hungry way to rinse a franchise even more, i cant stop the inner child in myself wanting to be part of them, especially this year, the 30th anniversary of empire strikes back when, to mark this event, one of the special guests at the weekend with be lando clarissian!  and to accompany this annual event, they uaually produce some cool as hell advertising.
now its unclear as to where these images crop up, the 2006-2007 posters along with the 2010 posters claim to be public advertising, mainly found in airports, wheras the 2009 posters are supposedly backstage posters to remind staff of the up coming events. either way they are all awesome, all depicting star wars characters or vehicles in situations you might find yourself in during your journey to or time spent at the theme park.
so here they are, i think i got them all, but if you find any that i havent please let me know, i couldnt find any for 2008.
hope you enjoy these as much as did, disney have an offical page for the weekends here and sorry for the late post, ill try not to let it happen again.

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