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one big tank

if you have the joy of stepping into the hotel radisson blu in berlin at any point you would be awe struck by what confronted you, this little beauty..
this my friends is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built and its smack bang in the centre of the hotel, know as an aquadom it is 25m tall and contains about 900,000l of seawater and around 2600 fish of 56 species, and is now very high up on my places to go list.
there is a slow elevator ride in the centre of the aquarium which would appear to give you ample time to photograph the people swimming around the tank, if that’s their job, i want to know what the job title is and where i can apply.
if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting this place feel free to leave a comment or link through to your pictures it would be great to see more images, as there doesn’t appear to be that many online, although some of the ones in peoples flickr accounts are brilliant, as seen here.
if anyone has seen it could they confirm if the people are in the tank 24 hrs a day thank you
originally seen here
radisson site here

living in a blob


if this is the new mobile living space then i might be interested

this is blob vb3 from belgian architecture firm dvma, completed in 2009, it took 18 months to complete and is pretty much the coolest looking caravan i have ever seen. contructed mainly from polyester it comes complete with bathroom, kitchen, light, sleeping area and a shitload of storage space. almost completely self sufficient living environment, as long as there is a plug socket within reach although i guess you dont need electricity to scare the crap out of confused onlookers.
looking more like a ship from mork and mindy than a mobile home, the nose of the blob opens up to create a porch and i would love to see the caravaners faces when they wake up one morning to find this thing next to them. an addition of a window wouldnt have gone a miss but that might take away from the overall aesthetic of the thing. throw some flashing lights and a dry ice machine into this thing and im sold.