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i believe you have my stapler

i thought staples where just for holding bits of paper together, how wrong could i be…
check these guys out. three different artists with three very different imaginative ways of using the everyday staple.
first we have rob obrien a designer with a passion for staples, with two pieces of work, “linda” a protrait, and “drop”, a ripple in liquid piece created using 190,560 staples.
more can be found at his flickr page
second we have french artist baptiste debombourg and his piece of work “aggravure”, created using 35,000 staples and taking around 75 hours to complete this masterpiece is a monster
and last we have peter root with his amazing free standing city scape of staple towers known as “low rise”, i wouldnt have wanted to be the guy that nudged the base.
all it takes is a different way of looking at things