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living in a blob


if this is the new mobile living space then i might be interested

this is blob vb3 from belgian architecture firm dvma, completed in 2009, it took 18 months to complete and is pretty much the coolest looking caravan i have ever seen. contructed mainly from polyester it comes complete with bathroom, kitchen, light, sleeping area and a shitload of storage space. almost completely self sufficient living environment, as long as there is a plug socket within reach although i guess you dont need electricity to scare the crap out of confused onlookers.
looking more like a ship from mork and mindy than a mobile home, the nose of the blob opens up to create a porch and i would love to see the caravaners faces when they wake up one morning to find this thing next to them. an addition of a window wouldnt have gone a miss but that might take away from the overall aesthetic of the thing. throw some flashing lights and a dry ice machine into this thing and im sold.