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el jefe design

a couple of weeks ago, we went to see the gaslight anthem on a sunny thursday manchester evening, they where awesome and played the longest encore i have ever heard, 8 songs in total i think, but possibly more including baba o’riley by the who. while the at the merch stall we saw this poster.
2 colour screen printed and running on full awesome, this was a definate purchase, after a small incident with the merch man in which jane threatened him that if he sold out of them very bad things would happen to him, we decided to buy and risk creasing. all turned out well and this is now framed and in pride of place on the wall, on the bottom of the poster is a little note to where the poster was created, el jefe design
turns out el jefe design is a brilliant design agency, covering all the bases that agencies do but their selection of posters is truely incredible, they did a whole selection of posters for gaslight and brian fallon, some for dinosaur jr, some for the black lips, henry rollins and many more. so without more of my waffling, heres some artwork.
think youll agree these are pretty impressive, i could literally just keep inserting images until i have copied pretty much the entire site, but why dont you take a click over to the web site here and have a look for yourself. 
thank you
p.s. sorry for the late post