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dalton ghetti’s micro sculptures


following on from last weeks what do you do with… toilet roll tubes, i thought i would take this opportunity to post another, so here goes, what do you do with… a pencil when you have used it so much that you cant actually use it to write anymore, well dalton ghetti has come up with a simply beautiful use for these pencil case lurkers.
each sculpture is intricately crafted with such precision, i wouldn’t like to see the amount of pencils that are almost there and then they break. the detail on these micro sculptures is just incredible even down to etching wording into the final shape, shown above in the saw and below in the button
there is a quick and easy explanation to this, that he uses massive pencils but i don’t think this is the case, feast your eyes on these few beauties
unfortunately other than articles about this project / hobby / obsession i couldn’t find that much more about this brazilian
artist so if you know any more information give me a shout. till the next time, cheers